Competition Rules And Regulations


– High Impact SW
– Formula 1 (F1)
– Daytona Prototype
– Slot It / Racer Sideways
– Restricted GT
– Restricted American Muscle
– Non-Magnetic
– Historic



– Masters (Competitor with racing experience & low qualifying times)
– National (Mainly for beginners as an introductory class)


Race Groups

Each class comprises of 4 races, 20 laps each.


Race Format

Each driver will be required to qualify in order to determine lane choice i.e. each driver must drive on one (1) lane for five (5) laps to establish best lap time. The Pole Position driver gets 1 point. The driver with the best lap time will have first (1st) lane choice. The driver with the second (2nd) best lap time gets second (2nd) and so on. At the end of each race, lane choices can be changes based on your finishing position.

After qualification, all cars will be parc ferme’. There will be a pre-visual inspection of cars prior to the competition event to ensure eligibility of all cars.

After the completion of the event, all cars will be parc ferme’. There will be a complete inspection of all the cars.
Between each race, there will be a two (2) minute break.

Drivers not at the starting grid will be left out of the race.

You are allowed one pit car per competitor.

Each class will have an index time, any car going below the index time will be inspected for any breach of competition rules. The competition department will determine whether the competitor is in breach of the competition regulations. If the competitor is in breach of the regulations the car will be demoted to last place or disqualified.


Endurance Race

The endurance race will be a 50 lap race.


Points Rating

Place                          Points
1st                                     9
2nd                                    6
3rd                                    4
4th                                    3
5th                                    2
6th                                    1

Driver with Pole position gets 1 additional point.